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TEAC AP-150t - CD/DVD/BD Thermo-RE Disc Publishing System
Automatic CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc print system with 4 x 50 magazines

Characteristics in short:

  1. 2 burners: DVD of BD (both backwards compatible to DVD and CD)
  2. Capacity: 200 disk (Max. Input 150 discs)
  3. Professional Thermo-RE-Transfer printer TEAC P55-C.
  4. Embedded Control Center (Standalone operating possible)
  5. Gigabit Ethernet connection, full network capability
  6. No installation of software or drivers at the clients required, because the entire controls work through the browser.
The TEAC AP-150

The TEAC AP-150 is a fully automated Disc Publishing System of the newest generation with maximum user comfort. The operation result through a JAVA capable browser (independent from the operating system) en requires no drivers or other software installation. 


You load up to 150 CDís, DVDís or BDís in the media drawers and start the media production. The production system can handle two different media types simultaneously, for example CDís and BDís or CDís and DVDís. 


TEAC AP-150t

The TEAC AP-150 is available in two versions:


- AP-150t: 2 DVD-recorder (backwards compatible to the CD)

- AP-150BDt: 2 BD-recorder (Blu-ray Disc burner backwards compatible to the DVD & CD)



The Browser-Software: TrueNet LX

TrueNet LX is an entirely web browser based and preinstalled operating software. It works perfectly with all browsers, like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and many others. The only condition is Java-compatibility. It does not matter, which operating system is installed at the clients. For the operating, no other software or driver has to be installed. Each client-user can through its web browser directly draw up, modify, start and stop orders as well as follow their status.   

Doing so, each user will receive a desired release authorization he needs if the administrator approves it. Each user can be equipped with quotas and security features.  



In the preinstalled software package are included:

  1. Label Designer
  2. Drag & Drop-Mastering of data-, video- & DVD-, BD-video-discs
  3. Import finished ISO-Images (also 50 GB for Blu-ray disc)
  4. Customizable low media & print supplies thresholds with e-mail notifications
  5. Processing and actualization of Job priorities, production quantities, etc. In real-time
  6. Jobs can be stored and repeated with modified quantities
  7. Free configurable E-mail notifications
Security Features

  1. Max. 5 Unique User (application over Login-and E-mail-address)
  2. Roll based user security and access controls
  3. Full-System-Logging (in real-time)
Further information

  1. Template capacity: 150 Discs
  2. Shaft capacity: 50 Discs
  3. Shaft capacity: 4
  4. Mixed media possible
  5. Equipment: 2 recorders DV-W5000 , 1 printer Teac P-55C
  6. Built-in high performance PC
  7. Gigabit network connection for immediate integration in your network
  8. Stand-Alone operation over LCD Touchpad possible
  9. Printer: Thermo-Re-Transfer and TEAC Thermal Dye Sublimation technique
  10. Max. resolution: 290lpi
  11. Supported formats: CD-R-RW, DVD-R-RW +R+RW, Double Layer and Dual Layer
  12. Software: Easy to use web browser based software for the duplication and printing of special CD-R/DVD media
  13. incl. 5x floating Web Clients
  14. Windows, MAC und Linux compatible
  15. Live Status display Bins, tapes
  16. E-mail notification over status possible
  17. Particularities: inclusive integrated PC, use friendly LCD Touch Pad, VersaMax Tape, 12 months guarantee or 20.000 prints on heat unit, pressure button or plate rollers
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